Lg give Voss Water


Lg give Voss Water

To offer a unique consumer experience linked to its Side by Side refrigerators, LG has thought of a promotion that involves the well-known luxury water brand, VOSS water, one of the purest and crystalline waters of the world that is born in the unspoiled environment of Norway.

Until December 2016, those who purchase a model of the Side by Side line, without connection to the water supply or the Multidoor models GMJ916NSHV and GMM916NSHV, will receive a supply of 300 euros of VOSS water directly at home. Particularly appreciated by the most demanding consumers, thanks to its purity characteristics and its innovative and iconic design, VOSS has become the water loved by celebrities and proposed in luxury restaurants.

Thanks to the LG promotion, it will be possible to use the exclusive VOSS water to fill the 4-liter internal tank of your refrigerator or simply store it in the Door-in-Door ™, to access it whenever you want

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